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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Stuck tasks (Message 1776)
Posted 17 Aug 2022 by vaughan
Agreed it is useless, one of my Win10 boxes gets many VM postponed unmanageable tasks. If I stop BOINC and restart it the tasks begin again from 0% - why is there no checkpointing implemented?
If it wasn't a sprint project for BOINCgames I wouldn't be running it.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Never ending tasks (Message 1397)
Posted 31 Mar 2021 by vaughan
Check the Properties of the task in question. If the difference between the CPU time and the Elapsed time is more than a few minutes, that WU has stopped processing. It will proceed no further and should be aborted.

Where are these "properties" located?

I have a task that has been running over 3 days 7 hours 54 minutes and it is at 99.975% with1 minute 9 seconds remaining that doesn't appear to be progressing.

Is it a faulty task or application?
3) Message boards : News : Updates and poll (Message 457)
Posted 17 Jan 2020 by vaughan
I would also vote for both with two apps, BUT... you really DO need to get your act together on how BOINC works. There is no reason for the "will think it restarts" thing, any more than there is any excuse for the current WUs 'hanging' and having to be aborted. Both are bugs in your code. I realize that the bugs only exist because of VirtualBox, but you chose to use it. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but MANY other projects have dealt with these VB issues, they are well known, they are hard to solve, and even once solved may reoccur with a new version. My normal stance is to refuse to run any VB-based project - but your goals seemed to be worth the "pain" so I joined.

I second this. Many tasks run for days now and eventually I manually abort them as they just sit there taking up slots. It is a waste of time and much more importantly very expensive electricity. Please stop using VirtualBox it frequently says hypervisor has entered an unmanageable state and will restart later. Rubbish it never fixes itself.

If you increase the task length how will we know for sure if its just another long running molecule that needs aborting or it really is a long task that will complete and score cobblestones?
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Very little CPU usage (Message 396)
Posted 8 Jan 2020 by vaughan
Do we abort long running tasks stuck at 100% for 2 days?

Seems an absolute waste of time and electricity. Can this issue be fixed?

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