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1) Message boards : News : Scientific publication and new WUs (Message 1005)
Posted 4 Aug 2020 by mikey
Disneyland... You really have to be an asshole to say things like that to people without knowing them and without knowing what they're going through...

Secondly, I am very busy and don't have time to answer the same questions/problems many times. This forum takes me a lot of time for trivial problems (points/pending) or problems that have already been answered. We don't have any technical staff or trainees to solve some known problems. Boinc project is a tool to help researchers and not to divert them from research to satisfy impatient and lazy participants.

For your information, in addition to some personal difficulties, we had to submit a chapter for a scientific book 2 days ago (Saturday).

100% support!!!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Long work units. (Message 980)
Posted 27 Jul 2020 by mikey
The time remaining has dropped to zero now, yet the task continues to run, certainly rather odd work units.

I have 2 units running on a new laptop with an AMD 4500H cpu and they are using 0.2% of the cpu to crunch, almost nothing else is using the pc and memory is not an issue, one was at 99% complete at midnight last night and right now at noon today, 12 hours later it's at 99.691% so it IS moving but it's been running for 2 days 13+ hours so far!!! This is NOT a "long" workunit, this can't be normal CAN IT? It says it has 11 minutes and 17 seconds to go but that is not even close to be real!!!

The other workunit was at 99.5??% at midnight, it has also been running for over 2 days and 20 hours and today at noon it's at 99.853% complete, it says it has 6 minutes and 4 seconds left but I KNOW that isn't true either!!! When I click on Properties for the workunits they both say they are progressing at 1.8% per hour, the exact same thing they said last night so that isn't reliable either!!

Needless to say I have turned off getting any future work as this is just not normal to me. Is there a way to use a config file to get the pc to use multiple cpu cores on each workunit? Because if so I would gladly do that to get thru these wu's faster.
3) Message boards : News : Credits and Gridcoin (Message 472)
Posted 30 Jan 2020 by mikey
Dear Crunchers,

Yesterday, I had to suspend an account for two weeks and remove credits, for obvious credit cheating. I'm quite annoyed that instead of doing science, I have to deal with this kind of behavior. We're small and we're short on time and it doesn't help scientific research...

The current credit system is too easy to fool, so I'm going to move to something simpler, robust and more generous on average: fixed credits. For short tasks (such as od9), I'm going to award 200 credits. This change requires draining the task queue. At that time, I will submit new tasks. These new tasks will be the opportunity to deploy the new code with checkpoints, system signals and affinity management for large systems (>32 cores). Some errors are to be expected, I can't test everything.

The last point concerns the requests for Gridcoin. I've been asked by the developers and by some of you. I am not against this possibility, but three points do not allow for the moment to be whitelisted. First, I can't guarantee to always have tasks waiting to be calculated. Secondly, the incentive to cheat will increase and I find that increasing the quorum is a waste of resources. Thirdly, I'm struggling with the server to keep it up. The upcoming arrival of larger molecules should settle the first point. For the second point, we are thinking about a validation by analyzing the result. I have already made many optimizations for the third point, at the moment it's much better.

Benoit Da Mota

My suggestion would be to get with other Admins at other Projects and discuss both the User and how they are dealing with it, maybe even the folks at Seti as they are the ones where alot of people start crunching. You are not the first nor the last Project where people have tried to cheat, MOST get caught eventually. If a User is cheating here you can bet they're trying to cheat elsewhere too!! And yes being WhiteListed means a higher chance of people trying to cheat as it means more money in their pocket, that does NOT make GridCoin a bad thing it's just another thing for you Admins to be on the lookout for.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Ghost tasks (Message 220)
Posted 25 Oct 2019 by mikey
I have no idea!!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Calculations and time (Message 143)
Posted 16 Oct 2019 by mikey

I became interested in the project and its goals. Thus, I connected to my BOINC palette. During the WU processing, unclear messages appear in the status of "VM job unmanageable, restarting later", which have already been reported.
There is also a situation when the progress of calculations has been 100% for several hours and the status is still "processed".

Task manager shows the load on the processes of this project, only whether the process is not looped by some error and in fact does not perform correct calculations ...
One of such tasks has been flying for over 40 hours.

Hmm, puzzling.

For me the 'unmanageable' was cured by running fewer tasks at one time. I also get the 100% and still processing ones too but mine have all finished eventually. Your pc's are hidden so I can't tell how many cpu cores you have or how much memory you have.

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