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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : BOINC 7.18.1 causes invalids (Message 1687)
Posted 4 Mar 2022 by cpuprocess2
I have 2 hosts on Debian 11, where one (#10506) works fine and the other (#10563) returns invalid workunits after ~3 seconds. Looks like the difference came down to the BOINC client's systemd service file. 10506 has "PrivateTmp=true" whereas 10563 has "#PrivateTmp=true #Block X11 idle detection". Everything else in the file is the same, including "ProtectSystem=strict". After changing 10563 to use PrivateTmp, it has started returning valid results.

Just checked the boinc-client packages on Debian today. Only 7.16.17+dfsg-2 (no longer available for amd64) included a service file that uses PrivateTmp. The other recent versions (7.16.16+dfsg-1, 7.18.1+dfsg-4) have it commented out and the old version (7.14.2+dfsg-3) doesn't even have that line.

EDIT: Looks like PrivateTmp was commented out to fix idle detection (issue, pull request). Apparently other projects have similar issues. It seems the long-term fix is for the QuChem program to write to the slot folder instead of /tmp.

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