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1) Message boards : News : Presensation of our work (Message 1755)
Posted 14 Jun 2022 by Mr P Hucker
Extremely useful work going on here. I think I'll up my computing power to this project.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Not enough memory (Windows vbox) (Message 1734)
Posted 26 Apr 2022 by Mr P Hucker
Hey Peter. I can't help you with your VM as I have given up trying to deal with them. That virtualization stuff is pretty complex and very ressource demanding. On my two Ryzen 9's I installed one Mint and one Ubuntu Linux on fast USB sticks. When I support projects that run better under Linux I just boot those PC's from the USB sticks and run BOINC from there, too. Works nicely. You could propably run 24 tasks at once without problem if your CPU has sufficient level 3 cache as I just learned the other day. My Ryzen 9 3900X have 64 mb which is sufficient. Other projects which run better under Linux are Universe and TNGrid. Possibly also others.
I've had a go at Linux twice, I'm just not geeky enough to understand it. A million steps just to install one program, and constantly bombarded with security on my own bloody machine. Forget it, I shall always be a Windows user, logged in as root!!! Amazing, I looked up how to do that on Linux and the answers were "don't" and "you can't". I give up. I couldn't even edit a config file for Boinc because I wasn't allowed!

For some reason this forum didn't email me when you replied. I'm subscribed to the thread, and I've set it to email me immediately, just like every other project. Do you get notifications by email?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : High failure rate (Message 1732)
Posted 25 Apr 2022 by Mr P Hucker
They're all working under Windows here. Three of my wingmen failed it in just over 1 second on Linux. Is this a case of missing libraries? All three of these wingman computers have failed thousands of tasks and managed to complete zero. When it hits 8 failures on a task the server will give up.

What I don't understand is one of the failures I checked says this:

21:22:29 (2105923): wrapper (7.5.26014): starting
21:22:29 (2105923): wrapper: running ()
Jobs starts with 1 cores
STEP OPT : Starting
Create output archive
Normal termination.
21:22:31 (2105923): exited; CPU time 1.217591
21:22:31 (2105923): called boinc_finish(0)


Which doesn't look like an error to me.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Why does this project only want to support Vbox 5.4.x? (Message 1731)
Posted 25 Apr 2022 by Mr P Hucker
Electricity prices are raising also in Italy. I am paying 0.088 euro/kWh plus some fixed costs including the decommissioning of the 4 spent Italian nuclear reactors. I have been informed that from March 1 I shall pay 0,093 euro/kWh plus a fixed monthly cost of 9 euro, this because I am a long time user. But new users pay much more as I see from advertisements. Electricity producers often offer Amazon bonuses to appeal to customers.
How much?! In the UK it's 0.200 euro/kWh! Twice yours! With GPUs I've got a bill of 550 Euros a month.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Why does this project only want to support Vbox 5.4.x? (Message 1730)
Posted 25 Apr 2022 by Mr P Hucker
I am using VirtualBox.6.1.30 on this project, on Rosetta python and LHC@home without any problem.
Didn't work on Kryptos, doesn't work on Cosmology. Looks like Oracle broke something when they designed 6.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Not enough memory (Windows vbox) (Message 1729)
Posted 25 Apr 2022 by Mr P Hucker
I have 25GB RAM free and 5 cores free, why is Boinc telling me it can't fit in another 2GB task?

I have:
24 cores (19 are running QuChemPedia tasks)
40GB RAM (15GB used)

These numbers add up to it thinking each task uses 2GB, instead of looking at what it's actually using. Could something be tweaked on the server perhaps?

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