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1) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Problem running NWChem application on MacOS (Message 843)
Posted 17 May 2020 by gemini8
I'm running Darwin 18.6 and vbox 5.2.26 on a 2014 Mac Mini which seems quite similar to your machine.
QuChemPedIA is doing fine on that setup.
You might encounter trouble because of vbox.
Not all versions are playing nicely with Boinc - even if it is not clear why.
You may want to try another version of it - I can recommend the one above.
2) Message boards : News : Updates and poll (Message 459)
Posted 18 Jan 2020 by gemini8
Whatever you do will be fine for me.
Nonetheless eliminating known bugs should take priority before implementing too much new stuff.

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