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1) Message boards : News : Molecules are coming! (Message 537)
Posted 9 Feb 2020 by 10esseetony
Several of my machines running .15 are at 36 hours and counting, while my slowest machine (2.3GHz XEON v3) is at a little over 72 hours and counting.

Are these long work units the .15 build?
2) Message boards : News : Updates and poll (Message 454)
Posted 15 Jan 2020 by 10esseetony
I vote option 2.
3) Questions and Answers : Web site : Email address '' is invalid (Message 342)
Posted 12 Dec 2019 by 10esseetony
A team mate of mine is also getting the error of an invalid email address which he uses on all other projects.

And that would be me. Apparently your email address can not begin with a number, so I had to use an alternate email. :(

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