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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Credits for t8=t4=t2=5.000 seriously? (Message 807)
Posted 24 Apr 2020 by Zalster
Credit for long task are all fixed at the same value.

You maybe overcommitting your CPU is you are using all the threads. You need to leave some overhead just in case. I set mine at 90% of all CPU.

Homepage ---->computer preferences--->computing--->usage limits.

Hopefully that will give better results.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Suspicious near-instant results with NWChem long t4 (Message 758)
Posted 12 Apr 2020 by Zalster
If it happens again with more t4 works, I'll limit max_cpus, I assume it'll stop the server from sending me t4 tasks?

We will have to see. This is first time I've seen a project with a set max cpus in the preferences page. It does seem to work. I've limited my machines to 90% of all cpus but you could set it to 75% so it only uses 3 out of 4 threads, or however you want to set it. Not sure how it would react to 90% of 4 threads. Would it round down to the nearest thread? Would be interesting to see how it responds. Good luck with the rest of your work units.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Suspicious near-instant results with NWChem long t4 (Message 756)
Posted 12 Apr 2020 by Zalster
Two tasks supposedly terminated "successfully" after only a few seconds on one of my computers: 2276475 and 2278138. Both tasks were using the t4 version of NWChem long, and I suspect there's an error somewhere which wasn't detected properly.

The wingmates are still to return their results but the instant execution looks suspicious.

It's either the work units are faulty or it's a lack of resources. I noticed that both are 4 thread work units and that machine is only a 4 thread CPU. Unfortunately, the wingman of the first unit is hidden so no telling when it will get done (or what machine it might be until after it's processed) The second work unit we will have to see. Might have to wait for a 3rd wingman in both cases.

For fzs600. All his computers and therefore, his work units are too.


The other issue with hidden hosts, if you are paired with one for multiple work units and find their machine is faulty there is no way to contact them so they can look at their machine and figure out the issue. So their machines continue to fill the data base with faulty results. I'm unfortunate in having that happen for a lot of work units. So I'm forced to wait for a 3rd wingman to process the work units.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 2,5 days long and counting... (Message 749)
Posted 10 Apr 2020 by Zalster
Could be. I had one similar that ran 15.5 hours on 8 threads. How many threads is it running on? I'm on linux so that helps a some.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported CPU and OS types? (Message 739)
Posted 8 Apr 2020 by Zalster
Sorry to hear that Buckeye. Wish I could help you out with the issues. Keith would the next person to ask but he won't run QuChem since it isn't whitelisted.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Short Tasks run for 14 hours and counting. (Message 735)
Posted 8 Apr 2020 by Zalster
Plus that is a first gen Ryzen which has issues with memory accessing. I agree Virtual Box is also highly flawed.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Short Tasks run for 14 hours and counting. (Message 732)
Posted 8 Apr 2020 by Zalster
I have to wonder if it's your machine and not the long task.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Apologies to my wingmen (Message 723)
Posted 7 Apr 2020 by Zalster
Sorry for so many invalid and errors on those work units. Had an unstable RAM issue before I caught it. About 16 WU in total. Should be fixed now.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : credits for WUs? (Message 713)
Posted 2 Apr 2020 by Zalster
For the current batches :
short WUs : 200 credits
long WUs : 5000 credits

Woo Hoo.. Liking those long WUs..
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported CPU and OS types? (Message 699)
Posted 23 Mar 2020 by Zalster
no this file is located in shared directory that is in the slot directory. example :

full example :
benoit@damotaf:~$ sudo ls /var/lib/boinc-client/slots/1/shared	 input.tar.gz   nwchem_cp       OPT.b	    OPT.c    OPT.drv.hess    OPT.movecs   OPT.out   OPT-restart.nw   pub.pem   TD_singlet.nw
 FREQ.nw	 NWChem         NWChem.tar.gz  'OPT.b^-1'   OPT.db   OPT.gridpts.0   OPT.nw	  OPT.p     parameter.json


Now that I have time to look. Depending on where you put your boinc folder. For me, it's on my desktop Desktop>BOINC>slots>1>shared then look and you will see OPT.out list in that last level.

PM also

11) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported CPU and OS types? (Message 691)
Posted 13 Mar 2020 by Zalster
Then I don't know. I need to be in front of the machine to look at where it might put it. Not able to do that till Next Friday.

Sorry Buckeye.

12) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported CPU and OS types? (Message 689)
Posted 12 Mar 2020 by Zalster
I don't know about the Windows client, but the Linux client I get this boinc PPA
It works pretty much straight out of the box.
For ryzen and threadripper, setting cpu to 99 seems to work as well.

We are running a modified Boinc Manager. It's more stable with some upgrades from the standard PPA. I use it and don't have any issues with it. But I don't know why Buckeye is having problems.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported CPU and OS types? (Message 686)
Posted 12 Mar 2020 by Zalster
Download it, manually disconnect from the internet. Run the work unit. If it errors out, go look in the folder and see if it's there. Copy it and paste it somewhere, then reconnect and post the result here. I believe the slots empty as soon as boinc manager reconnects to the site so you want to do it before it reports.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported CPU and OS types? (Message 684)
Posted 12 Mar 2020 by Zalster
No, it should work correctly. It's just the location is different from what the admin gave you. It's should be in the BOINC folder, look to see if you have a slots folder, look in there for labeled folders for the different work units and copy the information inside of it. I'm away from my computers so I can't look to see what it looks like and won't be home until next friday. Sorry.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported CPU and OS types? (Message 681)
Posted 12 Mar 2020 by Zalster
I am at work but can do this tonight when I get home. Is that file located in the project folder?


Buckeye you are running the AIO correct? Go to your boinc folder, look for the slots folder, open that and find one of the OPT.out files

16) Message boards : News : NWChem long no longer in beta soon (Message 652)
Posted 3 Mar 2020 by Zalster
NWChem long queue is empty, no units to download.

Is it planned to add more wus?


Hmm.. loved me those long work units...hahaha... Great to see those running on my computer. Some using 8 cores per work unit. Was nice to see that. Look forward to any new ones when they come out. Meanwhile, back to the short work units....Crunch crunch crunch........

17) Message boards : Number crunching : Application 0.15 (t1) (beta test) Result Not Completing Successfully (Message 577)
Posted 16 Feb 2020 by Zalster
Just got my first t8 Long to validate with credit. It ran for 73 hours.

Been away, just checked too.. Only 2 have validated yet, rest are pending.. One ran 59 hours, the other 62 hours. Interesting to see how run.
18) Message boards : News : Credits and Gridcoin (Message 473)
Posted 30 Jan 2020 by Zalster
Dear Crunchers,

Yesterday, I had to suspend an account for two weeks and remove credits, for obvious credit cheating. I'm quite annoyed that instead of doing science, I have to deal with this kind of behavior. We're small and we're short on time and it doesn't help scientific research...

The current credit system is too easy to fool, so I'm going to move to something simpler, robust and more generous on average: fixed credits. For short tasks (such as od9), I'm going to award 200 credits. This change requires draining the task queue. At that time, I will submit new tasks. These new tasks will be the opportunity to deploy the new code with checkpoints, system signals and affinity management for large systems (>32 cores). Some errors are to be expected, I can't test everything.

The last point concerns the requests for Gridcoin. I've been asked by the developers and by some of you. I am not against this possibility, but three points do not allow for the moment to be whitelisted. First, I can't guarantee to always have tasks waiting to be calculated. Secondly, the incentive to cheat will increase and I find that increasing the quorum is a waste of resources. Thirdly, I'm struggling with the server to keep it up. The upcoming arrival of larger molecules should settle the first point. For the second point, we are thinking about a validation by analyzing the result. I have already made many optimizations for the third point, at the moment it's much better.

Benoit Da Mota

My suggestion would be to get with other Admins at other Projects and discuss both the User and how they are dealing with it, maybe even the folks at Seti as they are the ones where alot of people start crunching. You are not the first nor the last Project where people have tried to cheat, MOST get caught eventually. If a User is cheating here you can bet they're trying to cheat elsewhere too!! And yes being WhiteListed means a higher chance of people trying to cheat as it means more money in their pocket, that does NOT make GridCoin a bad thing it's just another thing for you Admins to be on the lookout for.


I like fixed credit, thank you for that. I hate cheaters as well. I don't do gridcoin, so I'm ok not going that route. I'm more into trying to help solving complex problems.
19) Message boards : News : Updates and poll (Message 436)
Posted 14 Jan 2020 by Zalster
I prefer the second one as well. My computer is solely devoted to this project and I don't check on it for several days to weeks other than the error rates here on the website.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : How to use all resources? (Message 419)
Posted 12 Jan 2020 by Zalster
I recommend setting Max # CPUs = 1.

Have you noticed an increase in your validation error rate if you use all threads (HyperThreads) vs only using actual cores? I've noticed an increase in validation errors recently since I started to crunch on the HT verus when I was only using the actual cores. However, I don't know if that is because of the switch I made vs the recent announcement of larger molecules.


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