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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Host ID 1388 corrupted (Message 1282)
Posted 23 Dec 2020 by manalog
Plenty of molecules were lost

What does this "loss of molecules" means with regard of the scientific aim of the project? Will these molecules be recomputed by someone else or the fact that they were considered as "not converging" will make the AI to discard these molecules? And perhaps also influencing the proposal of new molecules to analyze... If the second option is the case, isn't the science of your project seriously put at risk by this accident?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Do you need more computational power? (Message 1226)
Posted 7 Dec 2020 by manalog
I really like this project and I will dedicate some of my (small) resources to it soon.
Unfortunately, by looking at the "Server status" project I can see that this project is very unlucky with regards to the number of users and active hosts. It has a lot of tasks "ready to send" and less than 70 active users per day, that is really a low number compared to other projects, even very recent projects like mlc@home, who has more than 250 users every day even though is much newer than QuChemPedia.
I think this was caused by the fact that for a lot of time this project was a difficult one: you had very long workunits, many of these were invalid, not a lot of communication on the forum and so on.
Now the situation is changed: the short workunits are the majority and they are very easy to crunch as you do not have to "babysit" them or risk to have hours and hours of elaboration not rewarded with a single credit. Still there are some invalid workunits (that's the nature of the science behind this project, not a fault) but less impacting than before as workunits are shorter.
Most of all, there is more communication on the forum, you announced very interesting scientific results. This project looks really promising in terms of science and for the impact it can have on quantum chemistry (I am very curious to learn more about your "unique tool" that will be unveiled in 2021/2022), it is one of the most interesting projects regarding science and everything is open access.

So I wonder, are you ok with your current resources or do you need more?
Because if you think that a boost in computing power could speed up your research, then I think there are few things that can be done, first of all to contact the main teams and propose a big challenge on this project. Second, you could write new and nice-looking pages to describe more the science and the people working on this project.
3) Message boards : News : Scientific publication and new WUs (Message 1002)
Posted 4 Aug 2020 by manalog
Disneyland... You really have to be an asshole to say things like that to people without knowing them and without knowing what they're going through...

Secondly, I am very busy and don't have time to answer the same questions/problems many times. This forum takes me a lot of time for trivial problems (points/pending) or problems that have already been answered. We don't have any technical staff or trainees to solve some known problems. Boinc project is a tool to help researchers and not to divert them from research to satisfy impatient and lazy participants.

For your information, in addition to some personal difficulties, we had to submit a chapter for a scientific book 2 days ago (Saturday).

100% support
4) Message boards : News : Scientific publication and new WUs (Message 1001)
Posted 4 Aug 2020 by manalog
100% support

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