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1) Message boards : News : NWChem long no longer in beta soon (Message 627)
Posted 27 Feb 2020 by Dataman
Instead of producing WU, it woul be better first to solve the problems !!!
On the same host, some WU runs into 1 or 2 hours, others stays at 100% after 10 hours !
The worst is that some WU (same host of course) take 4 hours , others take one hour and for the same credit (200)
And some needs only 30 minuts to run !
So please solve it or change CR system.
Fropm now, on all my hosts, each WU above two hours are cancelled.
It is not the goal of project, but I will not monopolyze my cores for nothing

It's not a problem to be solved. These Calculations are unpredictable by nature. I've already talked a lot about it on the forum. The fixed credit is much more advantageous for the participants in average. (200 credit for 1.5 hours per core in average)

all your messages here are to complain in a disrespectful way. I don't give a shit about the credits and I've already spent way too much time on it, testing multiple systems. If for you it prevails over scientific research, just quit !

Two thumbs up! Best to ignore the whiners rather than to acknowledge them.

Got some of the long ones and will give them a try.

Good luck. Cheers!
2) Message boards : News : Scientific publication (Message 294)
Posted 17 Nov 2019 by Dataman
Excellent paper! I actually understood most of it which is more that I can say about most research papers I read. ;)

Please keep us informed as you progress forward.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Monster wu (Message 287)
Posted 14 Nov 2019 by Dataman
I too have many wu's which run for days apparently doing nothing. I usually abort them after 2 days. I would suggest that you install a hard stop after 2 days, 3 days or whatever so the wu's will complete after that time has elapsed.

In the mean time, I have set my 8 Windows machines to "no new tasks" and moved them to LHC. I will keep this project on my 2 Linux machines as they seem to have a much higher success rate.

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : What happened to this task? Is it the OS or the CPU? (Message 269)
Posted 10 Nov 2019 by Dataman
Since your computers are hidden, there is nothing we can look at.

How many VBox tasks are you running on that machine and what is the processor/RAM?

Usually, but not always, stopping BOINC and restarting it will get it running again unless you are trying to run more than the PC can handle.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Misconfigured Machine? (Message 261)
Posted 8 Nov 2019 by Dataman
I got these today trying a WIN10 machine.

My system info says:

Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes
Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes
Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware Yes
Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes

NOTE: VirtualBox has reported an improperly configured virtual machine. It was configured to require
hardware acceleration for virtual machines, but your processor does not support the required feature.
Please report this issue to the project so that it can be addresssed.

Have you checked/done this?
6) Message boards : Science : Preliminary results? (Message 253)
Posted 4 Nov 2019 by Dataman
Many thanks to both of you for taking the time to explain your research. Please keep us posted when you publish.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : How to run native Linux without errors (Message 250)
Posted 4 Nov 2019 by Dataman
Hi Jim!

Thanks for your help and motivation. To help you to understand, here is a few facts. The code run until a convergence criterion that makes the runtime unpredictable and there is no checkpoints. So the case can be decomposes such that :
1/ successful jobs (from short to very very long runtime, ie. from couple of minutes to days)
2/ technical issue (very short runtime at initialization, and randomly during runtime : client side problem most of the time)
3/ chemical issue = bad chemical question (very short runtime)
4/ convergence issue = sometimes, the method failed to find a solution (very very long runtime)[/list]

Thanks for the information as it helps a lot to understand the process and my short-running validation errors. My settings are 4 wu's and no limit on cores used. This works very well on my 2 x i7 8700k's and 1 x i7 8700. The 3 x threadrippers (1950x) are not performing as well as I often find (using device manager) that one or more of the wu's have stopped processing. I have set them to no new tasks until I have some time to look into why that is happening. I have not tried this project on my Win 10 i7 970's or 920's as they are busy on other projects. My sole Linux Ubuntu machine (i7 920) was a dismal failure as all the wu's used 2 cpu's and started off fine but eventually stopped using any CPU. I need to look into that also but "She who must be obeyed" has a different agenda on how I spend my time at home. LOL

Overall, I am pleased with the project and will continue to support it.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Virtual Box (Message 234)
Posted 30 Oct 2019 by Dataman
Just my opinion but QuChem is the best VBox project I have attempted to run so far. Not only is it easy to manage but it also runs quite well concurrently with other non-Vbox projects. Few other VBox projects can do that.

I know you still have some issues to work through but I think you and your team have done an excellent job rolling out this new project and I am pleased to support your research.

9) Questions and Answers : Web site : Forum - Marking all threads as read (Message 147)
Posted 16 Oct 2019 by Dataman
When I click on "Mark all threads as read" it does mark them as read but also returns this error message:

"Page not found (404)
Request Method: GET
Request URL:

Using the URLconf defined in QuChemPedIAProject.urls, Django tried these URL patterns, in this order:

accueil [name='accueil']

The current path, forum_index.php, didn't match any of these.

You're seeing this error because you have DEBUG = True in your Django settings file. Change that to False, and Django will display a standard 404 page."

FYI Only
10) Message boards : News : Public opening (Message 65)
Posted 7 Oct 2019 by Dataman
Good luck on your new project. I am giving it a trial run. Seems to be well behaved for a VBox project albeit long run times.


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